Marigold Paradise in Belok Village Bali Marigold Farm

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Marygold paradise in a quiet and peaceful place ❤

Belok Village Bali Marigold Farm is a new tourist destination site that we discover recently . Located at Belok Village , just right at the border between Plaga village and Kintamani . Few minutes drive from Bangkung bridges , the longest and the tallest bridge in Bali island .

Marigold is one of the important flowers for offering in Bali . From the simple offering until big even of Hindu celebration . In India this flowers use for wedding even beside for offerings . The yellow color of the flower is symbol of love and charm . For spiritual beliefs that the flowers will protect the couples from gossip and to protect them from sharp tongue . However the flower olso as a form of cruilty and jealousy . In Hindu we beliefs with what we call Rwa Bineda . Two things different in life , everything has good and bad thing . Also the Marigold flowers has its good side and it’s bad side.

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